There’s a big world out there.

Your job. Your education. Your family. Your bills. Your church. Your health. Your friends. Your club. Your responsibilities.

Lets face it, there are a lot of things competing for your time and attention. We just don’t think that any of them need to be the limiting factor that stops you from experiencing the fullness of the life God has created you for.

The person that you are now is just the beginning: when you take a deliberate next step as a disciple of Jesus, you’re actually stepping into your destiny. When you determine to let God shape your heart and. your mind, you’re being prepared to make a life-changing impact in your job, your education, your family, your bills, your church, your health, your friends, your club and your responsibilities.

We built this tool for great people whose schedules don’t allow them to participate in a traditional small group or bible study. Instead, you’ll work through some great content online and connect back-and-forth with your mentor.

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Our Courses

Over time, we’ll roll out multiple online discipleship courses – each one a “next step” for your spiritual development.  Here’s what we’ve got so far!

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WISDOM: An Audio Course

A 6-part interactive audio-course. Listen, reflect, respond.

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